Greg Truen & Stefan Antoni


Architects Greg Truen and Stefan Antoni of SAOTA share a distinctive design vision that has shaped their partnership of 20 years. Their work, along with that of fellow SAOTA architects Philip Olmesdahl, Phillippe Fouché and Mark Bullivant, is known for its simplicity, restraint and refined but understated use of materials. Although rooted in South Africa, SAOTA now has an international footprint of award-winning projects – corporate, institutional, commercial and residential – on five continents.

Steen (meaning ‘stone’ in Afrikaans) sees Stefan and Greg’s uncompromising design philosophy applied, for the first time, to an iconic range of multi-functional planters created exclusively for INDIGENUS.

Featuring an unusual horizontal orientation, Steen has been envisioned as a range of sculptural objects that serve a function – planter, water feature or pond – but also make a statement as an installation. Inspired by the distinctive, jutting granite boulders found along the Cape Town coast, Greg and Stefan have stylized the forms, extending and strengthening them, so that the pieces in the Steen collection are powerful and bold, yet delicately poised. The Steen pieces work particularly well when grouped together and can be endlessly configured to dramatic effect.